Simple Ways to arrange your make up table‬‏

Simple Ways to arrange your make up table‬‏

  Many women are suffering from the chaos of make-up table and puzzled at the need for eyeliner pencil or pen lipstick because of their accumulation and disarranged .I will give  you a simple way to arrange your make-up table, which will become available to your hands when you need it .

  1. - Use transparent drawers for storing your make-up,  what make it the process of finding what you want  easier for you when you need it  without scattering others things.
  2. - Use drawers divided in parts within each drawers is classified for a material of make-up.
  3. -  Use a shoes pack   encapsulate with a  bright paper or gift-paper and put inside
  4. - your nail polish in a tidy manner.Then sign it with the nail polish color or white an alphabet or a symbol on the cover with the same color  in a way where you can easily identified the objects you needed inside .
  5. -  Put in a small vase colored and transparent stones and then proved the make-up brushes.
  6. -  Conserve your eye-brushes shadow, put them in a transparent cup with a lid.

  If you want to keep certain types of make-up of your favorite and do you use more than others in front of your eyes, Use a classification on large and tidy tray.

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