Hajwalah Racing 2017

ello all Fans of Drifting and Hajwalah in usa, you are in the right place , with the best Hajwalah Racing 2017 in usa , this is a new adventure trough the cities of Usa .
Tafheet (تفحيط) and Hajwalah (هجولة) - the best Saudi Drifting game, Saudi Drifting, or Middle East drifting, known in Middle east as an illegal street racing fast and cool driving to have started trying to "drift" cars; Hajwalah in usa give you the freedome to drive cars that are generally non-modified factory-setup cars at very high speeds, across wide highways throwing the car left and right. In the process, racers often drive dangerously close to traffic, barriers, and spectators watching from the roadsides without any protection.

What is Hajwala Racing 2017 :
Hajwalah in usa is the real drifting game of the fastest jeeps in fast-paced hajwala racing action. Race your Hajwalah in usa Car/jeep with high speed and set new high standards for mobile car racing games.

Be the Best Hajwalah Racing Driver experience :
Hajwalah Racing 2017 : Hajwalah in usa is a great hajwala car racing simulator game. Become the to driver of some of the fastest cars in the world. Drive thru the City of new york and streets in a collection of environments.
This amazingly realistic racing car driving simulation game is packed full of super cool fast race cars and exciting, dynamic racing levels of Hajwalah in usa.

Realistic Cars:
In Hajwalah Racing 2017 : هجولة, you can drive many extremely Fast, beautiful Jeeps on asphalt tracks of deserts of Dubai and Saudi Arabia.
Start driving in unique cars - never seen before on the asphalt roads in reality and computer games.
KEY FEATURES of Hajwalah in usa :
* Amazing Music of Arab Culture Hajwalah Style.
* Stunning hajwala graphics and awesome physics in the player cars
* Detailed environment and great colored images
* Great NPC racers
* Different new cars to choose from: sport cars, roadsters, fastests cars!
* Smooth and realistic car handling

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