Five things enabled on your phone consume Internet and data dramatically! Learn how to disable it

In this post we will to introduce something useful to help the visitors of our Blog Distinguished from users of Android devices five simple and easy steps will make our phone Internet provides balance to the fullest extent, and shown off as follows:

  • - Turn off the automatic update system Android :
 What we will do is make the automatic update of the system is only when our communication network Wi-Fi, first we will enter the "Settings" and then go to another option "on device" and then "Software Update" and then we activate "only Wi-Fi" option
  •  - Turn off automatic update of Google appstore  :
         To stop automatic update to shop Google we enter the store and then we press on the menu button at the top left of the application to review the options, and then choose another "Settings" option, and then we press the "Update applications automatically" and then do the "Update applications automatically across all Wi-Fi option."

  • - Programs that run in the background restriction : 
We enter the "Settings," then "use of data" Now the machine will review all applications that run in the background I would choose any application I do not want to work in the background I Bazguet him, and then I activate the option "Undo the background data .." This means that this the application will not connect to the Internet, but if you connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or when it is opened directly

  • - Identify Data Usage : 

When was determined the ratio of data usage will  disconnect from the Internet immediately after of reaching the exact limit, which means that you choose today to take advantage of 30 MB of online, I'll select it for the Android disconnect from the Internet directly after my arrival to this point, in order to take advantage of this property we entry to these "Phone settings" and then "use of data" and then "mobile data" and then put pressure on the "set mobile data limit," then we control the red rectal as starch to determine the maximum proportion want exploited per day (rectal orange refers to the index of the alert that you want to use )

  •  - Activate the provision of data Google Chrome browser choice !

We enter the Google Chrome browser and then we enter the "Settings" then "Advanced Settings" then we Atfiel provide data option

That's All  for  today , share it  with  your  friend please  and  save  your  data usage.

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