Spinnable top free sharing apps for iphone and ipad

SPINNABLE is the first ever 360° social sharing and livestreaming platform. This is SUPER EXCITING! See and share 360° pictures, videos, and livestreaming events.

“Oh my gosh!…It’s like you’re really there” —Dinah Jane, Fifth Harmony

“I can’t wait for this to be a massive thing!” —Camila Cabello, Fifth Harmony

“Check out Spinnable!” —Ylvis (What Does the Fox Say)

“Whoa…Wow! Oh my God. I didn’t know my phone could do that.” —everyone who sees it

“Daddy, why doesn’t this picture move?” —my daughter, talking about standard, static content

"Tell me a story." — every child

A picture says 1,000 words...
BUT a 360° picture (or video) tells a STORY.

You've NEVER experienced content like this. And once you do, you'll NEVER want to go back. 100% of the pics and videos in Spinnable are 360°. It provides a much more immersive experience, and makes you feel like you're really there.

And now ANYONE can create, consume, and share 360° pics and vids with or without any additional hardware.

Compatible with all capture devices and all playback devices:

• use PANO mode on your iOS device
• use ANY 360° camera (suggestions available in the app)

• add your SPINS right within the app, direct from the capture device, or simply from your Camera Roll

• right on your mobile...pan, zoom, SPIN
• throw it a cardboard or other iOS-compatible VR viewer to step inside the scene

All your favorite functionality:
• create an account
• follow
• post/share
• like
• tag
• comment

We also live stream exclusive events, including concerts, sporting events, fashion shows, red carpets, award shows, and interviews.

And, shortly, you'll be able to conduct 2-way live streaming in 360° right from WITHIN Spinnable.

So much more to come!

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